231 & Broadway, BX

231 & Broadway, BX

The same guy above got on the roof here and threw up his tag.


Fuck the Police

And fuck SoHo, too. (Peep the sticker on the pole in the upper-right corner.)


Panty Sniffers

Glib Gal says: "Love your website. I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico last week and found this gem outside Fuerto El Morro — a famous old fort and part of a National Park — and thought you'd appreciate it. There were several other examples around Old San Juan where someone clearly had panty sniffing on his mind. Keep up the site!"


Vargirl In Paris

Vargirl spent some time in Paris recently. She's a budding Graffiti Paparazzo.

Here's one from the subway.

The next three are from the junkyard and you have to love a photographer that loves junkyards.

The Red Lion

The men's bathroom at The Red Lion in the West Village is a treasure trove of graffiti. Here's a taste. The beer is good, too.

Hung Well

And they hang signs well, too. Spotted on the Upper West Side doing some "work."


It's All In The Head

Here are some pix from Mark Ferem's fantastic photo essay on restroom graffiti. Check his site out ... just remember to come back and visit the little people.

Onyx Cafe, Los Feliz Dist., L.A. Calif.
UniSex Restroom 3.19.95 -1:37pm

CalArts Institute - Valencia, Calif.
Corridor To Men 's Restroom 4.02.05 - 10:09am

SafeHouse - Tucson, Arizona
UniSex Restroom 9.01.00 - 11:11am

In Washington, D.C.

Near the Washington Monument.

IndyGirl In Paris

IndyGirl says she loves how the Parisian taggers left the sculpture untouched. We love Indy.

Goose Hollow Graf

Two from the Goose Hollow Inn in Portland, Ore., where Ghost Dog visits about once a month or so. Luckily for us, he finally bought a camera phone


From Russia With Love

Our man in Russia writes:
Here are two more pics from Moscow. The first is of a clothing store that specializes in "American" clothing. Complete with American style grafitti.

The second was by the Battle Of Borodino Panorama museum. This was the battle in 1812 where the Russians fought Napoleon. The museum has a 150 foot panoramic painting showing the battle. Behind the building were a bunch of cannons. Apparently the local Muscovite skaters use it, too.

"skaters ru".


Your Liver Is Evil

Spotted outside a bar near 76th & Broadway in Manhattan.


Aloha Means ...

My friend Robin Hansson gives us a taste of the crazy signage in the land of Aloha. You could spend your entire vacation just tripping out on some of the stuff you'd see in Honolulu.

Downtown Honolulu

Ala Moana Shopping Center


What Would Hurt More?

Taking the claw hammer to the groin or sleeping with the ugly woman?

A hand-painted sign outside a New Orleans business warns away looters in the wake of Hurricane Katrina Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005. Ethicists and social psychologists said in interviews that rules of human behavior — including respect for others' property and for social order itself — dissolve quickly in desperate circumstances like the storm's aftermath. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

Jinxy Goes To Moscow

The Jinxy world tour continues. Here's some Graffiti from Moscow, near the old KGB HQ. Can anyone translate?


Motel 6

See the ashtray with the no smoking sign? I think a better solution to the smoking problem at Tuscon's favorite Motel 6 is to JUST NOT HAVE ASHTRAYS.


The Truth Is ...

My wife spotted this in the ladies' room of Club 152 on Beale Street in Memphis.



It seems there's a movement against meat in Winston-Salem (and I'm not talking about a bowel movement ... at least not yet). Thanks to Sarah L. for the snap.


Mr. Jinxy in Richmond

Mr. Jinxy strikes again:

"I snapped these pics this afternoon as my wife and I were walking along a pathway behind the Flood Wall on the southside of the James River.

"We climbed to the top of a viewing platform that overlooked both the trains and the river. In the river were three shirtless rednecks casting lines, and underneath the bridge was a homeless guy who had built a fire to cook his catch of the day. The air was humid and pungent with the smoke from his cooking fire.

"Train tracks run parallel to the river on both sides, though the southside is by far the more industrial and dilapidated.

"The plan was to walk across the top of the flood wall, but as we approached the stairs my wife and one of our dogs were dive-bombed by a squadron of angry wasps. Both of them got zapped once each.

"After that we decided to pack it up and go home."



Deep down, I think you already knew that.

This was spotted at Ray's Famous on the upper West Side in New York City.



IndyGirl took this at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. I think Ho is usually behind the hole.


Jinxy in NYC

Our man Jinxy was in New York recently. Here's what he had to say:

"The first (above) is outside the Chinese Consulate General on West Side Highway. Yogi was here.

"The second (below) is right around the corner on 42nd Street East. If you look hard enough you can see the Empire State Building in the background."


Made You Look

Our man Mere Existence has a sharp eye. Do you see it?

It's Not Nice to Tease

From our friend Armina, who took this picture in Maribago Bay Beach Resort in Cebu, Philippines last year.

I say this sign only hurts human genetics. Let Darwin work his magic. Tease all the sharks you like, if you think it's a good idea. You'd be doing us all a favor.


Piegon Poop

I'm not sure what a Piegon is but if it is anything like a pigeon you better watch out. This was spotted near downtown Houston.


Pimp Daddy McManus

It's about time the Irish got back into the pimp game.

This was spotted downtown next to Cabo restaurant at the corner of Travis and Prairie.


I Like Boobs

Don't we all?

Eric Wormann found this at The Exchange, a karaoke bar in Rockaway, New Jersey.


Houston Blows

From the Latin Leaf: "someone not a houston fan apparently. it reads 'houston, tx' and someone wrote with an arrow 'blows' "

He spotted this in a convenience store in Driscoll, TX.


Man from Bandoo

There once was a man from Bandoo
Who fell asleep in a canoe
He dreamed of Venus
Plyed with his penius
And woke up with a hand full of goo

I took this picture in my living room when the Christina Applegate / Cameron Diaz classic The Sweetest Thing came on TV. Note the Comedy Central logo in the lower right corner.


"Little" Woodrows

Hey, whatever makes you feel better Woodrow.

(Spotted in Midtown Houston.)


Silver Markers

Another gem from Mere Existence: "This is in the bathroom of Alt Cafe in the East Village of Manhattan. The wall is marked to shit with writing in silver markers, and this one points that fact out."


Homo MC Domo

Mere Existence spotted this in a restroom on the Lower East Side of NYC.


Breaking and Entering

This beauty comes to us from Sam, a budding graffiti paparazzo and cat burglar.

He writes: "The gist of the story is that a friend and I broke into the abandoned state asylum in Northampton, MA and did some exploring. It was an amazing and thoroughly frightening adventure. On the way out, I snapped this shot. It reads, 'big scary door.' And conveniently, that's what it is."

You can read all about his adventure and see more cool pictures sambot.com.


Galveston, TX

Go Blue Bird 05
... and how about flushing the toilet next time?

Spotted at Slices in Galveston.

This was in an alley off 21st street near Slices.

The next two were under the piers near Ocean Grill.

It was about 4:20 in the afternoon, which is the favorite time of day for the good folks in Galveston.