Pimps Up, Ho's Down

Mere Existence sent this beauty in from a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn.

"I couldn't make any sense of the meaning of this one," he writes.

Perhaps it's social commentary that challenges our notions about the results of the women's lib movement. Perhaps this bard wants us to reconsider man's place in society.

Then again, it might just be a guerrilla advertisement for Brent Owen's "pimpumentary" Pimps Up, Ho's Down (The Director's Cut). Owens enters the secret society of pimps and players to experience the ultimate exploration of the pimp game. The film is the culmination of over a decade of research and production. With over 30 minutes of never before seen footage, the director's cut was deemed too hot for cable T.V.


Valentine's Day Message

"No matter how pretty she is
someone somewhere is sick
of her shit."

Sambot found this gem on Valentine's Day at The Elevens in
Northampton, MA.

Holding a Grudge

Sambot had a two-fer at The Elevens in
Northampton, MA.


French Graffiti

The Mister Jinxy world tour continues. He writes: "The first two are from the Isle De St. Louis, Paris. It's a self-contained island in the middle of the Seine. They say the people are so snooty there that they don't even like to leave the island to mingle amongst the rabble. I don't know who Slaskko or Bayre are, and have no idea what's up with the other one.

"The third one is near the sculpture garden near the Louvre. The guy was blasting Middle Eastern dance music, and it looked like the Disney characters were bouncing up and down in tune to it."


Tourists Suck Ass

At a picnic shelter at an Indiana state park ... If you're visiting, fuck you!

(via huh, no shit)


Besi is a Playboy

Mister Jinxy sent in this shot from Ankara, Turkey. It was taken today.

"I don't know what it says, but I'd be willing to guess," Jinxy says.

Besi must be a playboy. It says so right there in the detail shot on the left. Give him a ring next time you're in Ankara. Anyone care to translate the graffiti on the right?