Man from Bandoo

There once was a man from Bandoo
Who fell asleep in a canoe
He dreamed of Venus
Plyed with his penius
And woke up with a hand full of goo

I took this picture in my living room when the Christina Applegate / Cameron Diaz classic The Sweetest Thing came on TV. Note the Comedy Central logo in the lower right corner.


"Little" Woodrows

Hey, whatever makes you feel better Woodrow.

(Spotted in Midtown Houston.)


Silver Markers

Another gem from Mere Existence: "This is in the bathroom of Alt Cafe in the East Village of Manhattan. The wall is marked to shit with writing in silver markers, and this one points that fact out."


Homo MC Domo

Mere Existence spotted this in a restroom on the Lower East Side of NYC.


Breaking and Entering

This beauty comes to us from Sam, a budding graffiti paparazzo and cat burglar.

He writes: "The gist of the story is that a friend and I broke into the abandoned state asylum in Northampton, MA and did some exploring. It was an amazing and thoroughly frightening adventure. On the way out, I snapped this shot. It reads, 'big scary door.' And conveniently, that's what it is."

You can read all about his adventure and see more cool pictures sambot.com.


Galveston, TX

Go Blue Bird 05
... and how about flushing the toilet next time?

Spotted at Slices in Galveston.

This was in an alley off 21st street near Slices.

The next two were under the piers near Ocean Grill.

It was about 4:20 in the afternoon, which is the favorite time of day for the good folks in Galveston.


Stop Bush

From the paparozzo: "the stop sign was in down town ojai (california). it was 1 of 11 from matilija JH to ojai printing"


Mister Jinxy Does London

Renown world traveler and graffiti paparazzo extraordinaire Mister Jinxy sends these from London:

"OK, the first one I have no idea who or what it says. I've included a second close-up of the one piece of graffiti. I think the other one says 'Fuck Capitalism.'
Not sure.

"It was along the Thames River and I just like how "Hammersmith" sounds.
Reminds me of Motorhead. Or maybe The Clash.

"The second one is facing Parliament from Nelson's Column at Trefalgar Square. If you look on the left hand side of the street you can see Big Ben in the background.

"The third one is in the bathroom of a pub called 'The Leicester Square.' Over and over it said 'Tony IS (NOT!) gay. Tony IS (NOT!) gay!' I'm sorry, but if someone prints your name up there and says that you're gay, do you think no one will notice if you put in 'not' as a caveat?

"The last one is self explanatory."


Hooray Goo (God?)

From Roman:

Hooray Goo (possibly Hooray God – I’m not sure which is worse)! Found in the Irvine Valley College bathroom.