Your Liver Is Evil

Spotted outside a bar near 76th & Broadway in Manhattan.


Aloha Means ...

My friend Robin Hansson gives us a taste of the crazy signage in the land of Aloha. You could spend your entire vacation just tripping out on some of the stuff you'd see in Honolulu.

Downtown Honolulu

Ala Moana Shopping Center


What Would Hurt More?

Taking the claw hammer to the groin or sleeping with the ugly woman?

A hand-painted sign outside a New Orleans business warns away looters in the wake of Hurricane Katrina Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005. Ethicists and social psychologists said in interviews that rules of human behavior — including respect for others' property and for social order itself — dissolve quickly in desperate circumstances like the storm's aftermath. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

Jinxy Goes To Moscow

The Jinxy world tour continues. Here's some Graffiti from Moscow, near the old KGB HQ. Can anyone translate?