Vargirl In Paris

Vargirl spent some time in Paris recently. She's a budding Graffiti Paparazzo.

Here's one from the subway.

The next three are from the junkyard and you have to love a photographer that loves junkyards.

The Red Lion

The men's bathroom at The Red Lion in the West Village is a treasure trove of graffiti. Here's a taste. The beer is good, too.

Hung Well

And they hang signs well, too. Spotted on the Upper West Side doing some "work."


It's All In The Head

Here are some pix from Mark Ferem's fantastic photo essay on restroom graffiti. Check his site out ... just remember to come back and visit the little people.

Onyx Cafe, Los Feliz Dist., L.A. Calif.
UniSex Restroom 3.19.95 -1:37pm

CalArts Institute - Valencia, Calif.
Corridor To Men 's Restroom 4.02.05 - 10:09am

SafeHouse - Tucson, Arizona
UniSex Restroom 9.01.00 - 11:11am

In Washington, D.C.

Near the Washington Monument.

IndyGirl In Paris

IndyGirl says she loves how the Parisian taggers left the sculpture untouched. We love Indy.

Goose Hollow Graf

Two from the Goose Hollow Inn in Portland, Ore., where Ghost Dog visits about once a month or so. Luckily for us, he finally bought a camera phone