Mr. Jinxy in Richmond

Mr. Jinxy strikes again:

"I snapped these pics this afternoon as my wife and I were walking along a pathway behind the Flood Wall on the southside of the James River.

"We climbed to the top of a viewing platform that overlooked both the trains and the river. In the river were three shirtless rednecks casting lines, and underneath the bridge was a homeless guy who had built a fire to cook his catch of the day. The air was humid and pungent with the smoke from his cooking fire.

"Train tracks run parallel to the river on both sides, though the southside is by far the more industrial and dilapidated.

"The plan was to walk across the top of the flood wall, but as we approached the stairs my wife and one of our dogs were dive-bombed by a squadron of angry wasps. Both of them got zapped once each.

"After that we decided to pack it up and go home."

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